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Edyta Żukowska-Jędrzejewska

Church in Kazakhstan

Chapel in the forest 


Haberman Chapel


Parish church

Entrance gate

Chapel in Merevo(Ukraine)

Chapel in the parish house

14th century church 

Church equipment

Marian Sanctuary

Student chapel

Rack for KWC Cross

Cemetery altar

Monastery stalls

Monastery chapel

Customer reviews

Father Tadeusz Maslowski

Father Aleksander Suchocki

Ms. Edyta Zhukovska turned out to be a patient and understanding architect, attentively listening to the investor presenting the vision of the interior.

Her knowledge of general and sacred architecture, , experience of the Church in communities and knowledge of the Word of God allowed us to design the interior of the parish church in accordance with the requirements of art, liturgy and aesthetics.

I am satisfied with the cooperation with Ms. Edyta and the results of our joint work.

In her work, Ms. Edyta revealed such qualities as conscientiousness, commitment and responsibility, thanks to this , for me, as an investor, cooperation with her was harmonious and fruitful.

I admired in her self-reliance, creativity, as well as specialized knowledge, in the field of religious buildings and an extraordinary sense of the character and atmosphere of the place. Patience in relation to the contractors of planned activities was also an important quality.

Father Pawel Kucharski

Undoubtedly, Ms. Edyta Zhukovskaya has exemplarily fulfilled all her duties taking care of the high quality of the project, services and mutual relations. The projects have been executed reliably and professionally, and the implementation has very high aesthetic values. Ms. Edyta has knowledge of liturgy and theology, which is a prerequisite for designing churches.

The comprehensiveness of the design services that Ms. Edyta provides is a guarantee of the highest level of professionalism.


Father Dawid Sładek

Ms Edyta fulfilled the task very well. We consulted at least twice a month on the current state of the project, she introduced the corrections I made and provided decorative elements referring to the Kazakh tradition.

During the design process, Ms Edyta became known as an architect of the highest 'quality', with considerable experience in designing sacred places and a spiritual sense of detail that ultimately contributes to the prayerful atmosphere of the interior.


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